Retropie on Raspberry Pi 3

Installing Retropie on Raspberry Pi 3 was quite the challenge – it all started smoothly with the description from their github wiki, it was pretty straight forward – until I tried to enable bluetooth and connect my PS3 controller.

I really tried for hours but did nothing but fail until I gave up, erased the SD-card and did the setup anew (both the Raspbian image and the Retropie) – and suddenly it worked!

I then realized two things:

  1. I had used an „older“ image of Raspbian (10.05.2016), where apparently the drivers were still experimental and
  2. I found a description that with the installation of the PS3-controller needed libraries, the libraries for sixad were installed with a bluetooth app which conflicted with the built in bluetooth app

With the Raspbian image from 27.05.2016 everything works just fine (except a few known errors, like sound glitches and that a few N64 games are almost not playable (like Super Mario Party, where you can’t see parts of the board, your figures and the die at all)).

I also recommend a cooler: when using RetroPie, the Raspberry Pi 3 gets quite hot!