Fallout: Equestria – Pen & Paper

Ever since I read Fallout: Equestria by kkat, merely by accident because I was interested in Fallout and everything postapocalyptic, I considered myself a big fan – it even lead to me beeing a brony (albeit for not very long). I then thought, that there must have been a fan, who’d wrote a Pen & Paper rulebook about this really great story (I still consider it the best story I have ever read!) and with the Fallout: Equestria RPG by archerofhope I had found one!

I played two sessions, one with a small group of acquaintances and once on a Pen & Paper convention and I quickly realised, that it doesn’t fulfill all my expectations of what I thought was Fallout: Equestria. There are many inconsistencies, leaps of thought and so on. It also is much more complex than it has to be. Plus, at the time I am writing this blog post, archerofhope has not been active for more than 6 months – a clear sign that his project had eiter faded or even died.


I created an open source project for a new Fallout: Equestria Pen & Paper!

It is written in LaTeX (because it is source control capable and editor-independent) and will use a simple d100 system, other than that, I have a few ideas for gameplay mechanics and the general ‚vibe‘ of the rulebook.

Feel free to join me!