The end is neigh

Cosmine is down because the Raspberry Pi on which it ran was only borrowed, but don’t fear, it will return (probably around January with a big remake).

Redmine on Raspbi 3

If you read this blog, you probably know about Cosmine, the redmine for cosplayers, but it has a few weaknesses – one of it beeing that it runs on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B.

The performance is quite poor so I tried installing Redmine on my Raspberry Pi 3, mostly following this tutorial (okay, I admit, it’s not really a tutorial and I can’t read a single word of japanese, but hey, the commands and the config files are in english which is really all I needed) and then installing everything that was missing (aka what the error page from localhost/redmine was saying that was missing).

After all installs were through (which took nothing more than excessive googling), there was no connection to the MySQL database, which was quickly solved with the creating databases and raking processes described here.

After everything was done, redmine started up nicely and with good performance, but I didn’t want to waste my Raspberry 3 on Cosmine so I didn’t switch them (maybe I will after I’m finished playing with it).