Retropie on Raspberry Pi 3

Installing Retropie on Raspberry Pi 3 was quite the challenge – it all started smoothly with the description from their github wiki, it was pretty straight forward – until I tried to enable bluetooth and connect my PS3 controller.

I really tried for hours but did nothing but fail until I gave up, erased the SD-card and did the setup anew (both the Raspbian image and the Retropie) – and suddenly it worked!

I then realized two things:

  1. I had used an „older“ image of Raspbian (10.05.2016), where apparently the drivers were still experimental and
  2. I found a description that with the installation of the PS3-controller needed libraries, the libraries for sixad were installed with a bluetooth app which conflicted with the built in bluetooth app

With the Raspbian image from 27.05.2016 everything works just fine (except a few known errors, like sound glitches and that a few N64 games are almost not playable (like Super Mario Party, where you can’t see parts of the board, your figures and the die at all)).

I also recommend a cooler: when using RetroPie, the Raspberry Pi 3 gets quite hot!

Redmine on Raspbi 3

If you read this blog, you probably know about Cosmine, the redmine for cosplayers, but it has a few weaknesses – one of it beeing that it runs on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B.

The performance is quite poor so I tried installing Redmine on my Raspberry Pi 3, mostly following this tutorial (okay, I admit, it’s not really a tutorial and I can’t read a single word of japanese, but hey, the commands and the config files are in english which is really all I needed) and then installing everything that was missing (aka what the error page from localhost/redmine was saying that was missing).

After all installs were through (which took nothing more than excessive googling), there was no connection to the MySQL database, which was quickly solved with the creating databases and raking processes described here.

After everything was done, redmine started up nicely and with good performance, but I didn’t want to waste my Raspberry 3 on Cosmine so I didn’t switch them (maybe I will after I’m finished playing with it).

Hello World is mandatory

Corgibase is online!

Actually, it it’s been online for a few weeks, but I thought I could do a blog for the domain, so that the subdomain has something to be accompanied by.

I think, I will use this blog for technical documentation of different processes, I am working with the Raspberry Pi 1B at the moment, it runs an apache server with redmine for cosplayers. Next week I will play with the Raspberry Pi 3 and probably RetroPie, Cuberite, OpenTTD servers and more. Also, I am working with a friend on a Lightsaber Replica (I am going to do the programming).

Anyways, have fun reading this.

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