12 days of Thyroxin

L-Tyhroxin is the hormone the thyroid gland produces. My doc said to take half a dose for the weekend and then switch up to the full dose. So I did. I took 25 μg four times and since then every day 50 μg half an hour before breakfast.

The first four days were heaven. I have never felt so good in the last one and a half years like I did in the first four days. I was enthusiastic, optimistic, I had energy, I was well rested, it was amazing. Sadly, switching to the full dose kind of put a halt to this great feeling. I still am well rested, but motivation and enthusiasm are gone – but maybe this has to do with the flu?

I was at the doctors office and I got diagnosed with the flu (which led to 5 sick days I am grateful for), but of course this could be counteracting the high I felt from the Thyroxin.

I weigh now 98kg and I am hungry, like all the time. I knew metabolism would increase, but in order to loose weight I need to stop stuffing my face with sweets.