Smol update

I am alive!

Some time went by since I posted my last entry and much happened.

I am working on my Kass cosplay, I finished the trousers, I bought a brown pantyhose for the legs and I finished cutting and glueing the feet. I still need to sand, prime and paint them but it’s coming along nicely. If everything happens according to plan, I can wear it on AniMuc or even LBM 🙂

My CNC-Mill is almost finished. All axes work, I just need to install the limit switches and the tool I ordered this week. We had to completely redesign some parts and completely replace the power supply and the motor drivers, but it was worth it!

I now have a Ko-Fi and I would love your support, though I barely and rarely produce content, sorry!

I also offer electronics-commissions, hit me up if you’re interested 🙂

I wanna be more active next year and I think the best way to do that is to have less projects, so I’m trying to finish most of them by the end of January.

So long,
Tiger 🙂

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