Sucks, big time

My work is eating me alive – and it’s not a bad job!

To understand this, I might have to ramble on a little bit, so stay with me.

I finished my diploma in september and immediately got a job. It is well paid, working hours are standard, colleagues are nice and there are some boni (like a monthly bus ticket, 30 vacation days (most people have a lot less!), yearly raises and so on) – and yet I hate it.

Not this job in particular but work itself – and I’ve been doing this only a fes months, I can’t imagine, what it does to people who have worked a year or more, maybe even decades! How do people cope with this?

So overall, my mood is pretty bad, but I guess there are more factors to it, like working 5 years to get your diploma only to realize you’d rather not have your diploma so you can study until you’re 67. That’s where you can draw your pension in Germany.

Does that mean, I have to work the next 39 years? Maybe, hopefully I can find something fun before I’m dead inside.

Oh and it’s winter and every year I have a light winter depression, so I have that going for me, which is not nice. Not having any sun really is poison to your body.